Our legendary candles are of exceptionally high quality and longevity. They contain a minimum of 20% fragrance, ensuring their scent permeates and lingers long after the flame has been extinguished. Each one is carefully blended and hand poured, fragranced all the way through and will burn right down to the bottom of the glass. Estimated minimum burning time is 40 hours of delicious fragrance.

lois_productV2.phpNANAlois.ProductPage49e81390-cb22-441a-8e00-ed273b2611c4precious-one-perfumed-candle-naPrecious OneNACandle9a57fb69-a6bc-4d5d-a51d-ab9237e7b751,9d9f7ad9-fbbb-43a7-ab6f-d2d7f4f6fa09 One Perfumed CandleNANAPrecious,One,Perfumed,Candle,angelaflanders,Candles,Collections,For,Men,Chypre,FragrancesRich in exotic fleur des nuits, tuberose and jasmine lend their seductive charms to the top notes of this bewitching fragrance. Floating on a base of softest green chypre, oak moss lends its warmth to the heart as layers of smoky vetiver unfold from the depths. Awarded Best New Independent Fragrance 2012 - Fragrance Foundation UK.angelaflanders/CandlesGifts For Home00060000000300050011
lois_productV2.phpNANAlois.ProductPage06a2bd51-38a3-4b22-8be6-9c75c3e52c5emr-severs-perfumed-candle-naHome FragranceNACandlee0b40f45-9d25-11e6-8d1f-0019997f0e5c,8d335076-a7b8-4141-8cd9-4a7028b46230 Severs Perfumed CandleNANAMr,Severs,Perfumed,Candle,Home,Fragrance,angelaflanders,CandlesCreated for the renowned Spitalfields house, this warm, welcoming, homely scent blends woods and spices with sweet orange and bergamot. *** As Featured in the November 2016 issue of Elle Decoration UK *** THE STORY... Hidden in a corner of the Dennis Severs House in Spitalfields, a secret aroma contributes to the magical atmosphere. Welcome to 18, Folgate Street - an 18th Century house in London’s old East End. Smell plays a vital sensory role in each room, and one scent in particular has become associated with the house, indelibly leaving its mark on those who encounter it. When Award Winning local perfumer, Angela Flanders was approached by the Curators of 18 Folgate Street almost twenty years ago, asking her to create an exclusive fragrance for the house, she knew instantly what her inspiration would be. A devoted admirer of Severs’ creation, Flanders had visited often, particularly at Christmas which is when she finds the house at its most imaginative and captivating. Inspired by the seasonal displays of Christmas cakes, sweet meats, jellies, fruits and their accompanying aromas of orange, clove and cinnamon, the scent began to take shape. ‘Mr Severs’ candle emits its gentle wave of scent, transporting essences of sweet orange, bergamot, amber, woods and spices throughout the home. The Mr Severs home scent is also available in room spray and burning oil.angelaflanders/CandlesGifts For Home0001
lois_productV2.phpNANAlois.ProductPageebc21c7b-a867-4d66-8dab-cc179b050a8ezanzibar-perfumed-candle-naSignature CollectionNACandlecd35d427-d21d-497f-bd87-c8320c3b1ee5 Perfumed CandleNANAZanzibar,Perfumed,Candle,Signature,Collection,angelaflanders,Candles,Collections,Fragrances,WoodyA woody oriental fragrance evocative of East India & the Spice Islands ヨ Lemon leaves float on a rich base of cedarwood, sandalwood & exotic spices with decadent top notes of ylang ylang, jasmine and rose.angelaflanders/CandlesGifts For Home0002
lois_productV2.phpNANAlois.ProductPage67656c6b-86c2-46fc-8e32-72f25e36748cparchment-perfumed-candle-naSignature CollectionNACandle51ee160e-9d2c-11e6-8d1f-0019997f0e5c Perfumed CandleNANAParchment,Perfumed,Candle,Signature,Collection,angelaflanders,Candles,Collections,Fragrances,OrientalA glowing, golden home scent in which top notes of heady tuberose rest on a spicy heart of bourbon vanilla and brazilian orange, supported by a deep, warm base of musk, scented woods & balsams.angelaflanders/CandlesGifts For Home00030001
lois_productV2.phpNANAlois.ProductPage7e6dc63f-bab5-4e88-ba0a-2eccdbd10cc8parisienne-perfumed-candle-naCollection NoireNACandle494f8687-8621-4057-ba86-ac59a9a4d94e Perfumed CandleNANAParisienne,Perfumed,Candle,Collection,Noire,angelaflanders,Candles,Collections,Fragrances,OrientalStylish and elegant, like the legendary city itself. Romantic and warm, Parisienne speaks of assignations at dusk and walks by the Seine, trailing its sillage of powdery musks, roses and a whisper of softest vanilla.angelaflanders/CandlesOde to a Rose0004
lois_productV2.phpNANAlois.ProductPaged5852238-f16d-43e3-b774-02c9a26fe984jasmine-perfumed-candle-naCollection FloraleNACandle2dd9d9b4-c923-42b4-b3d2-ec201238c058 Perfumed CandleNANAJasmine,Perfumed,Candle,Collection,Florale,angelaflanders,Candles,Collections,Fragrances,FloralOne of the most expensive ingredients in perfumery, the timeless fragrance of jasmine has been valued since ancient times. This most feminine of fragrances is very true to the perfume of the flower.angelaflanders/Fragrances/Floral/JasmineWhite Flowers000500050005000800070003
lois_productV2.phpNANAlois.ProductPagee5d6ae2c-22f6-47f1-8939-deaaba63fb0bbois-de-seville-perfumed-candle-naSignature CollectionNACandle8d50228f-d259-432f-ab2c-49ae3755c45c de Seville Perfumed CandleNANABois,de,Seville,Perfumed,Candle,Signature,Collection,angelaflanders,Candles,Collections,For,Men,Citrus,FragrancesA unique spicy fragrance, stylish & elegant. Orange, rose & bergamot yield to a warm spicy heart of cinnamon, black pepper & clove, spices that revel in their natural affinity with Orange. The long lasting base notes a compound of rare woods and balsams.angelaflanders/CandlesGifts For Home0006
lois_productV2.phpNANAlois.ProductPage5399cfcd-aa5a-4eb0-a663-831b09c70bfbmandarin-mint-perfumed-candle-naSignature CollectionNACandlea047e8ad-1544-11e7-aa14-0019997f0e5c & Mint Perfumed CandleNANAMandarin,&,Mint,Perfumed,Candle,Signature,Collection,angelaflanders,Candles,Collections,For,Men,Citrus,FragrancesThis invigorating fragrance contains Mandarin, Neroli, Mint, Sage, Thyme, Lavender and Clary Sage all resting on a resinous base of green Galbanum. Angela has delved into our olfactory past to inspire this uplifting citrus fragrance; Mandarin and Mint is based on a Medieval recipe for ムstrewing herbsメ, the traditional scattering of floors with herbs and plants to release pleasant odours when crushed under foot. Angelaメs reinterpretation of this ancient practice is less messy and better suited to those who prefer more modern luxury!angelaflanders/Candles00070000
lois_productV2.phpNANAlois.ProductPage52fcb1fd-7741-11e5-8610-0019997f0e5cbakhoor-perfumed-candle-naHome FragranceNACandlef818f1db-7741-11e5-8610-0019997f0e5c,fe588dbd-7741-11e5-8610-0019997f0e5c Perfumed CandleNANABakhoor,Perfumed,Candle,Home,Fragrance,angelaflanders,CandlesA traditionally Arabic exotic scented candle exuding a warm, welcoming blend of natural, oudh based scents. The rich cedarwood base is complimented by frangrant oils, resins, ambergris hues and sandalwood notes. Perfume your home with this very special festive aroma.angelaflanders/CandlesShow Always00080002
lois_productV2.phpNANAlois.ProductPage8a169e0e-b89b-4173-a30a-7cfbb190b181moroccan-rose-perfumed-candle-naSignature CollectionNACandle38310199-86fc-45cf-b6e9-3e60477288a5 Rose Perfumed CandleNANAMoroccan,Rose,Perfumed,Candle,Signature,Collection,angelaflanders,Candles,Collections,Fragrances,FloralA warm, glamorous fragrance created especially for Angelaメs daughter, Kate. A dramatic floral oriental, evoking all the sensuality of the Moroccan rose absolute at its heart. Complemented by rose geranium, ambrette seed and musk, supported by a rich, long lasting base of sandalwood, patchouli & balsam of tolu.angelaflanders/CandlesEnglish Garden Bouquets00100009
lois_productV2.phpNANAlois.ProductPage1ed2ced5-b23c-49e1-ae96-c71fe741fbadwhite-roses-perfumed-candle-naSignature CollectionNACandlef27921b0-f43a-4b68-b124-77cc1f9d28db Roses Perfumed CandleNANAWhite,Roses,Perfumed,Candle,Signature,Collection,angelaflanders,Candles,Collections,Fragrances,FloralBotanists, gardeners and seekers after the perfect rose fragrance all agree that the fresh green, dew spangled quality of this rose scent is perfect! Resting on a leafy green base, this fragrance is reminiscent of the scented Moss Roses of an 18th Century garden.angelaflanders/CandlesWhite Flowers0010
lois_productV2.phpNANAlois.ProductPageaaacfdaa-62fd-45d6-bcf6-206c928c1a5ffigue-noire-perfumed-candle-naCollection NoireNACandle4d59eca1-936b-48a3-b4f1-058615b96721 Noire Perfumed CandleNANAFigue,Noire,Perfumed,Candle,Collection,angelaflanders,Candles,Collections,Fragrances,OrientalAn exotic & sumptuous Floral Oriental in which richly purple, candied fig notes rest upon a dark and sensual base. One of Angelaメs most dramatic and commanding creations. Nominated for a FiFi award in 2007.angelaflanders/CandlesGifts For Home0011