Dark Flowers Duo: Tuberose & Patchouli


Dark Flowers Duo: Tuberose & Patchouli Spice


A seductive duo of flowers and woods, that complement each other perfectly. The woody notes adding warmth and depth to the exquisite and delicate character of the floral notes.
Here deep and earthy patchouli combines beautifully with creamy and heady tuberose.
Wear each one individually or layer them to create a unique scent, giving you three different fragrance options.
Why not transition your scent from day to night? Start by wearing the floral fragrance on its own during the day. Follow by later spraying on the woody fragrance to intensify your scent and give it more staying power.
TUBEROSE: in India, the Tuberose flower is known as Rat Ki Rani or Queen of The Night. Angela’s soliflore rendering epitomizes the intoxicating warmth of this night scented flower, evoking its creamy, waxy, animalic perfume.
PATCHOULI: an irreplaceable perfume gift from India, now widely used throughout the Far East. Patchouli, like fine wine, must mature in order to release its curiously ethereal scent. A haunting perfume, reminiscent of rich earth, with cardamom and green ginger leaf lending a vital freshness.
This duo includes two 10ml travel sprays, both in eau de parfum concentration, for more longevity.
Wear each one individually or layer them to create a unique blend. When layering, we recommend to spray the woody fragrance first, let it dry for a few seconds and spray the floral fragrance on top of it.
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