Aqua Alba

A limited edition fragrance inspired by the notes of Scottish Malt Whiskey, and the flavours and fragrances of the rugged Scottish landscape.

lois_productV2.phpNANAlois.ProductPage4965e09c-ada3-11e6-aad3-0019997f0e5caqua-alba-eau-de-toilette-50ml-naAqua AlbaNAFragrance869a9c61-ada4-11e6-aad3-0019997f0e5c Alba Eau de Toilette 50mlNANAAqua,Alba,Eau,de,Toilette,50ml,angelaflanders,CollectionsLimited Edition Aqua Alba is a celebration of the art of blending. In this case, taking the distinctive flavours and aromas of Whiskey and translating them into personal fragrance. Drawing on elements of the Scottish landscape that so imbues whisky with its distinctive flavours - peat smoke, heather, wind blasted wood, soft green mosses - Angela has interpreted Scotland's 'Water of Life' in her own inimitable style. Labdanum and patchouli represent the moss and earth, overlaying a heart of heather and gaiac wood, on a base of sweet amber, oudh and smoky peat. Distinguished, comforting and rugged.angelaflanders/Collections/Aqua AlbaGifts For Him00060009