Burning Oils

A range of specially formulated oils for diffusion in burners, this age old method is a delightful way to fragrance your home and release the mood enhancing properties of perfume. A 14th century Persian poet wrote “I do not feel like writing verses, but as I light my perfume burner, with Myrrh, Jasmine and Incense, they suddenly burgeon from the heart, like flowers in a garden.”

French Moth Herbs

"Say ‘Non’ to moths! Based on a traditional French recipe our French Herb Moth Bags contain a blend of eight herbs and spices detested by moths. Simply place the herb bag in your wardrobe and drawers to ward off moths. Complement with French Herb Linen Perfume spray containing our effective blend of moth repellent herb oils, easy to use in wardrobes and drawers "

Lavender & Chamomile

Lavender & chamomile were brought to our shores by the Romans & have been valued since ancient times for their calming, soothing, anti-depressant properties. Use as a pillow spray or room ambiance to promote peaceful, refreshing sleep - or as a daytime cologne, to help overcome the stresses of modern living. Featured by Vogue in their Beauty supplement, this balancing blend has been a favourite with stressed out city folk for years!

Room Perfume

There is nothing to equal the power of fragrance to enhance the atmosphere of our homes. Spray mood altering Ambiance room perfume for instant, long lasting perfume, or to reinforce candles or oil warmers.