About Angela Flanders

Angela Flanders found her shop in the heart of the famous Sunday morning Flower Market at Columbia Road Shoreditch, in the spring of 1985. She set about to restore this perfect example of a Victorian shop. After a successful career in television costume design, she first indulged her lifelong passion for perfume by turning her skills to designing elegant Pot-Pourri, gathering rare and exotic materials, creating subtle perfumes, decorating with fragrance.

After Mitchelle Beazley published her book Aromatics in 1995, and further inspired by her researches into the history of perfume, she began to work with fine personal fragrance; creating scents from her imagination, a moment in history, an emotion, a rare new ingredient. Very soon, her newly established perfumery became a destination for discerning clients worldwide, who flocked to buy the fragrance she sold.

In 2006/7 Figue Noire was nominated for a FiFi Award by the UK Fragrance Foundation. In 2012, Precious One was awarded the Fifi for Best New Independent Fragrance.

Angela still describes herself as a designer, but the materials she uses have changed. Instead of designing fabric on people’s bodies, she designs scent that emanates from their skin. She has conjured up a range of individual perfumes, attracting all those who indulge in the luxury of fine, handmade fragrance that defies classification – a golden flask of joy, a little bit of magic in a bottle.

In September 2012, Angela opened her second shop in Spitalfields which can be found at No 4 Artillery Passage, London E1 7LJ.