Artillery Collection

Inspired by the historic location of our shop close by the Artillery Ground in use during the reign of Henry the VIII in the 16th century

Artillery No 1

Le Premiere. A sparkling new edition of Napoleon’s favourite premier quality Eau de Cologne. A vibrant burst of fresh bergamot and Sicilian lemon, uplifted by rosemary and mint, crowned with white neroli flowers - beloved for centuries, and no wonder.

Artillery No 3

Hungary Water. Based on invigorating rosemary and combined with Melissa, lemon peel, mint and rose, this magically restorative fragrance was first created for Queen Elizabeth I of Hungary in 1370. Adopted by the Hungarian court it became a firm favourite with officers and gentlemen ever since.

Artillery No 2

Britain’s oldest ally – Portugal gives us Eau de Lisbon, a luminous adaptation of a well-loved traditional perfume. Bitter Orange, bergamot and cedarwood are injected with new life by a dose of black pepper, spices and a hint of rose to create, quite simply, sunshine in a bottle.

Artillery No 4

Vetivert. Of all the perfumes of the Orient, vetivert is perhaps the most evocative. Native to India, it is known and loved throughout South East Asia for its cooling properties and unique scent reminiscent of roots, earth and woods. Here it is blended with the coolness of lavender, zesty bergamot and precious woods and spices.

Artillery No 5

Sandalwood. India’s greatest gift to perfumery with its silky smooth fragrance and remarkable tenacity. It has been known and loved for thousands of years. No 5 evokes the rare and precious Mysore sandalwood, with its soft creaminess and hints of rosewood, on a luscious cedarwood base.

Artillery No 6

Patchouli Spice. An irreplaceable perfume gift from India, now widely used throughout the Far East. Patchouli, like fine wine, must mature in order to release its curiously ethereal scent. A haunting perfume, reminiscent of rich earth, with cardamom and green ginger leaf lending a vital freshness.