Collection Florale

Bouquets or single flowers, fresh, sweet and feminine; Roses, lily, jasmine, tuberose, violets & mimosa.

Bouquet d'Amour

The luxurious, ultimate white flower fragrance, originally made as a wedding perfume; intoxicating neroli, jasmine & tuberose float like a tulle veil over the warm subtle base of amber & vanilla, deepened with sandalwood & precious balsams. James Craven says “elegant, nostalgic, radiant, extremely tenacious & pervasive – a lovely scent.”


The sweet & lovely fragrance of roses, raspberries & violets, float on a seductive, powdery base of iris & heliotrope; a youthful, exuberant perfume.

Columbia Rose

In celebration of her 30 years at Columbia Road, in honour of this noble flower and the Flower Market’s special place in East London’s history and her own heart, Angela proudly reveals her Trilogy of Roses, an olfactory story narrated in three chapters, each representing a decade of Life in Perfume.


One of the most expensive ingredients in perfumery, the timeless fragrance of jasmine has been valued since ancient times. This most feminine of fragrances is very true to the perfume of the flower.

Lily of the Valley

In France, the May Lily is a love token, exchanged on May 1st between lovers. The gossamer fragrance of this exquisitely scented little flower has long been welcomed as the epitome of Spring and herald of the coming Summer. Delicate yet tenacious, this single note perfume keeps its floralcy for hours.


The unique fragrance of golden drifts of mimosa combined with violets, roses and just a hint of cloves; fresh and floral yet deceptively rich, glowing with ripe fruits, dewy and delicious.

Rose Poudree

Ethereal top notes of roses, violets, iris and heliotrope emphasize the powdery quality of this delicious rose fragrance, which, on its soft gossamer base of raspberries, musk, ambrette seed and sandalwood is so evocative of 18th century France that fragrance expert James Craven says “the Du Barry lives on!”


A subtle fragrance of cherry blossoms on the bough. Delicate floral top notes with hints of violets and heliotrope mingle with the intriguing almond notes in the heart, resting on a velvet base of soft green mosses.


In India, the Tuberose flower is known as Rat Ki Rani or Queen of The Night. Angela’s soliflore rendering epitomizes the intoxicating warmth of this night scented flower, evoking its creamy, waxy, animalic perfume.


An elegant Oriental fragrance, with Rosy top notes yielding to sensual depths of Sandalwood and Cedar on a base of Patchouli and precious Balsams.