Sample Sets

Our seasonal sample sets are an ideal way for you to test our fragrances directly on the skin, before investing in a full-size bottle.

lois_productV2.phpNANAlois.ProductPaged735c5f7-4a11-11e8-b530-901b0e263ccabridal-bouquet-sample-set-naSample SetsNASamplesbd069086-4a0c-11e8-b530-901b0e263cca Bouquet Sample SetNANABridal,Bouquet,Sample,Set,Sets,angelaflanders,Collections,Collection,Florale,d'Amour,Jasmine,Lawn,Signature,White,RosesA seasonal selection of romantic white floral fragrances. BOUQUET D’AMOUR: the luxurious, ultimate white flower fragrance originally made as a wedding perfume; intoxicating neroli, jasmine & tuberose float like a tulle veil over the warm subtle base of amber & vanilla, deepened with sandalwood & precious balsams. WHITE ROSES: a bouquet of white roses on a summer day... Botanists, gardeners and seekers after the perfect rose fragrance all agree that the fresh green, dew spangled quality of this rose scent is perfect! Resting on a leafy green base, this fragrance is reminiscent of the scented Moss Roses of an 18th Century garden. LAWN: a fragrance that captures the calm sense of renewal inspired by a dewy summer’s morning. Fresh top notes of black pepper and bergamot conjure the fleeting start of a new day, while sappy-green galbanum and earthy patchouli enfold a heart of tuberose, jasmine and lemon balm as it unfolds with the warmth of the wearer, just as the heat of the day simmers through a misty dawn. JASMINE: One of the most precious ingredients in perfumery, the timeless fragrance of jasmine has been valued since ancient times. This most feminine of fragrances is very true to the perfume of the flower.angelaflanders/Collections/Collection Florale/Bouquet d'Amour
lois_productV2.phpNANAlois.ProductPage0b4cc978-daf0-11e5-93db-0019997f0e5cspring-belles-sample-set-naSample SetsNASamples96a23dda-daf2-11e5-93db-0019997f0e5c Belles Sampler SetNANASpring,Belles,Sample,Set,Sets,angelaflanders,CollectionsA seasonal selection of four fresh Spring floral fragrances. WHITE FLOWERS: an ultra-feminine bouquet of white flowers on a sunny day. Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, Rose and Lilac rest on a fresh, dewy base. MIMOSA: a delicate and elegant fragrance. The unique essence of Spring, fresh and floral yet deceptively rich, glowing with ripe fruits, dewy and delicious. LILY OF THE VALLEY: the gossamer fragrance of this exquisitely scented little flower has long been welcomed as the epitome of Spring and herald of the coming Summer. Delicate yet tenacious, this single note perfume keeps its florality for hours. ROSE POUDREE: ethereal top notes of Roses, Violets, Iris and Heliotrope emphasize the powdery quality of this delicious rose fragrance; whilst its gossamer base of Musk, Ambrette and Sandalwood evokes the spirit of the Du Barry.angelaflanders/Collections/Sample Sets
lois_productV2.phpNANAlois.ProductPagec8347302-fb76-11e6-a154-0019997f0e5ca-walk-in-the-woods-sample-set-naSample SetsNASamples0b866330-fb79-11e6-a154-0019997f0e5c Walk In The Woods Sample SetNANAA,Walk,In,The,Woods,Sample,Set,Sets,angelaflanders,Collections,Artillery,Collection,No,3,4,Precious,One,Signature,XanaduA seasonal selection of four fresh, green and woody fragrances. PRECIOUS ONE : Floating on a base of softest green chypre, oak moss lends its warmth to the heart as layers of smoky vetiver unfold from the depths. Awarded Best New Independent Fragrance 2012 by the Fragrance Foundation UK. XANADU : The scent of wood, spices and holy resins float above the amber heart of this romantic perfume, magically drawing together the fresh top notes and the wonderfully enduring base of patchouli, rosewood and cedar. ARTILLERY No 3 - 'Hungary Water' : Based on invigorating rosemary and combined with melissa, lemon peel, mint and rose, this magically restorative fragrance was first created for Queen Elizabeth I of Hungary in 1370. ARTILLERY No 4 - 'Vetiver' : Native to India, Vetiver is known and loved throughout South East Asia for its cooling properties and unique scent reminiscent of roots, earth and woods. Here it is blended with the coolness of lavender, zesty bergamot and precious woods and spices.angelaflanders/Collections/Artillery Collection/Artillery No 3A Walk In The Woods
lois_productV2.phpNANAlois.ProductPageaba7d886-2a9f-11e7-bb59-0019997f0e5csweet-nothings-sample-set-naSample SetsNASamples0a53646c-2aa1-11e7-bb59-0019997f0e5c Nothings Sample SetNANASweet,Nothings,Sample,Set,Sets,angelaflanders,Collections,Collection,Florale,Cachou,Sakura,Noire,Figue,Signature,Rose,SauvageA selection of four fruity floral fragrances for Spring. SAKURA: A subtle fragrance of cherry blossoms inspired by ‘Hanami’ - the Japanese celebration of Spring. Delicate floral top notes with hints of violets and heliotrope mingle with intriguing almond notes. CACHOU: the sweet and lovely fragrance of roses, raspberries and violets, floating on a seductive, powdery base of iris & heliotrope. A youthful and exuberant perfume. ROSE SAUVAGE: a rose fragrance with a hint of juicy, sharp strawberry. This evocation of the wild rose, or eglantine, brings memories of happy summer days. FIGUE NOIRE: exotic and delicious ripe purple figs rest upon wonderfully dark sexy base notesangelaflanders/Collections/Collection Florale/CachouSweet Nothings
lois_productV2.phpNANAlois.ProductPage4c7d4eaf-6171-11e6-be9a-0019997f0e5czesty-citrus-sample-set-naSample SetsNASamplesd3e3cc14-1489-11e7-aa14-0019997f0e5c Citrus Sample SetNANAZesty,Citrus,Sample,Set,Sets,angelaflanders,CollectionsA seasonal selection of four uplifting and refreshing citrusy fragrances. MANDARIN & MINT: green mandarin & neroli give way to mint, lavender & clary sage. This lively combination rests on a powerful base of galbanum. HESPERIDES: fresh, vibrant, zesty & refreshing. Vibrant golden citrus top notes (bergamot, lemons, limes & grapefruit) shimmer on a green woody base of vetiver and oak moss. ARTILLERY No 2: bitter Orange, bergamot and cedarwood are injected with new life by a dose of black pepper, spices and a hint of rose to create, quite simply, sunshine in a bottle. BOIS DE SEVILLE: a burst of citrus top notes (orange, bergamot and rose) yields to a warm spicy heart of cinnamon, black pepper & clove. The long lasting base notes a compound of rare woods and balsams.angelaflanders/Collections/Sample Sets
lois_productV2.phpNANAlois.ProductPage27c42592-c446-11e5-995e-0019997f0e5cwinter-roses-sample-set-naSample SetsNASamples590a9b2c-c5bc-11e5-995e-0019997f0e5c Roses Sample SetNANAWinter,Roses,Sample,Set,Sets,angelaflanders,Collections,Fragrances,Floral,Columbia,Rose,Moroccan,Oriental,Ottoman,ParisienneA seasonal selection of four warm winter roses fragrances. COLUMBIA ROSE: a rich, velvety Rose lifted by a touch of Violet, deepened by Sandalwood and Amber, resting on a shadowy base of aged Patchouli. OTTOMAN: a sensual, rich and dusky floral oriental with Roses and Violets layered over an elegant base of Sandalwood, Amber and Patchouli PARISIENNE: stylish and elegant, like the legendary city itself. Romantic and warm, Parisienne speaks of assignations at dusk and walks by the Seine, trailing its sillage of powdery musks, roses and a whisper of softest vanilla. MOROCCAN ROSE: a dramatic floral oriental, evoking all the sensuality of the Moroccan rose absolute at its heart. Complemented by rose geranium, ambrette seed and musk, supported by a rich, long lasting base of sandalwood, patchouli & balsam of tolu.angelaflanders/Collections/Sample Sets