Signature Collection

The collection of sixteen signature fragrances developed over the past 25 years, offers a wide range of different perfumes from crisp dry Citrus and Chypre, to rich Floral Orientals.

Bois de Seville

A unique spicy fragrance, stylish & elegant. Orange, rose & bergamot yield to a warm spicy heart of cinnamon, black pepper & clove – spices that revel in their natural affinity with Orange. The long lasting base notes a compound of rare woods and balsams.


An elegant chypre with fresh, marine top notes, resting on a warm, sophisticated base of earthy vetiver, oak moss, amber & musk. A classic fragrance for men and women.

Earl Grey

A suave, dry chypre redolent of 18th Century China. A fresh bergamot top note is layered over tea-like Bois de Rose and dark, earthy patchouli & precious spices.


Fresh, vibrant, zesty & refreshing; all the golden citrus fruits, bergamot, lemons, limes & grapefruit shimmer on a green woody base of vetivert & oak moss.


Honouring the Empress Josephine, who so loved the scent of violets that she sparked a new trend in 19th Century perfume. This nosegay of dewy, spring violets, enhanced with a touch of rose, rests on a soft mossy base of cedarwood & oak moss.

Mandarin & Mint

This invigorating fragrance contains Mandarin, Neroli, Mint, Sage, Thyme, Lavender and Clary Sage all resting on a resinous base of green Galbanum. Angela has delved into our olfactory past to inspire this uplifting citrus fragrance; Mandarin and Mint is based on a Medieval recipe for ‘strewing herbs’, the traditional scattering of floors with herbs and plants to release pleasant odours when crushed under foot. Angela’s reinterpretation of this ancient practice is less messy and better suited to those who prefer more modern luxury!


A seductive fragrance which belies its innocent name! A shimmering chypre with lemon scented melissa, bergamot & jasmine shining in the top notes. A heart of clary sage, cool chamomile & rose, is supported by a base of precious woods, tolu & vanilla.


The warm, heady fragrance of a summer garden, sweet flowery top notes of roses & violets, burst forth from a fresh heart of bergamot & lavender, which in turn leads to the lightest base of sandalwood, cedar and patchouli.

Moroccan Rose

A warm, glamorous fragrance created especially for Angela’s daughter, Kate. A dramatic floral oriental, evoking all the sensuality of the Moroccan rose absolute at its heart. Complemented by rose geranium, ambrette seed and musk, supported by a rich, long lasting base of sandalwood, patchouli & balsam of tolu.


A sensual, rich and dusky floral oriental with Roses and Violets layered over an elegant base of Sandalwood, Amber and Patchouli.


A glowing, golden fragrance in which top notes of heady tuberose rest on a spicy heart of bourbon vanilla and brazilian orange, supported by a deep, warm, feminine base of musk, scented woods & balsams.

Rose Sauvage

A rose fragrance with a hint of juicy, sharp strawberry. This evocation of the Wild Rose, or Eglantine, brings memories of happy summer days.

White Flowers

An ultra-feminine bouquet of white flowers on a sunny day; the ethereal sweetness of orange blossoms, jasmine, tuberose, white violets & roses on a base of earthy galbanum & the soft green oak moss.

White Roses

Botanists, gardeners and seekers after the perfect rose fragrance all agree that the fresh green, dew spangled quality of this rose scent is perfect! Resting on a leafy green base, this fragrance is reminiscent of the scented Moss Roses of an 18th Century garden.


The mythical fragrance of an enchanted forest, a romantic scent of woods, spices and holy resins rises on the evening air like incense. Deep in the heart of this romantic perfume, luscious amber draws together the fresh top notes of bergamot & Brazilian orange with a long lasting base of patchouli, rosewood and cedar.


A woody oriental fragrance evocative of East India & the Spice Islands – Lemon leaves float on a rich base of cedarwood, sandalwood & exotic spices with decadent top notes of ylang ylang, jasmine and rose.