Dark aromatic notes of cedar, sandalwood & juniper, rosewood, parchment, vetiver and spices.

Artillery n5

Sandalwood. India’s greatest gift to perfumery with its silky smooth fragrance and remarkable tenacity. It has been known and loved for thousands of years. No 5 evokes the rare and precious Mysore sandalwood, with its soft creaminess and hints of rosewood, on a luscious cedarwood base.

Artillery n6

Patchouli Spice. An irreplaceable perfume gift from India, now widely used throughout the Far East. Patchouli, like fine wine, must mature in order to release its curiously ethereal scent. A haunting perfume, reminiscent of rich earth, with cardamom and green ginger leaf lending a vital freshness.

Oudh Noire

A desert camp at night, woodsmoke, leather, a drift of tobacco. Oudh, the most ancient and treasured of ingredients, haunts the top notes of this evocative fragrance. Guaiac, cedar and juniper form its heart, resting on a base of patchouli and vetiver.


The mythical fragrance of an enchanted forest, a romantic scent of woods, spices and holy resins rises on the evening air like incense. Deep in the heart of this romantic perfume, luscious amber draws together the fresh top notes of bergamot & Brazilian orange with a long lasting base of patchouli, rosewood and cedar.


A woody oriental fragrance evocative of East India & the Spice Islands – Lemon leaves float on a rich base of cedarwood, sandalwood & exotic spices with decadent top notes of ylang ylang, jasmine and rose.