Warm, rich and exotic with dramatic spicy base notes including amber and vanilla.

Ambre Noire

Mysterious, exotic & elusive. A golden tobacco note imbues a deliciously dry, spicy heat. Dark gold in colour, unctuous and rich, sensuous to behold as well as to smell. James Craven says “an advanced fragrance which is excellent on a man, but irresistible on a woman, enticingly exotic, very adult and not a toy!”

Cashmere Noire

A fragrance which encapsulates the fabulous warmth and luxury of precious cashmere. Earthy iris and powdery heliotrope intermingle with cedarwood, amber and tolu, unfolding like a length of glowing, scented cashmere.

Figue Noire

An exotic & sumptuous Floral Oriental in which richly purple, candied fig notes rest upon a dark and sensual base. One of Angela’s most dramatic and commanding creations. Nominated for a FiFi award in 2007.


The warm, heady fragrance of a summer garden, sweet flowery top notes of roses & violets, burst forth from a fresh heart of bergamot & lavender, which in turn leads to the lightest base of sandalwood, cedar and patchouli.


A sensual, rich and dusky floral oriental with Roses and Violets layered over an elegant base of Sandalwood, Amber and Patchouli.


Stylish and elegant, like the legendary city itself. Romantic and warm, Parisienne speaks of assignations at dusk and walks by the Seine, trailing its sillage of powdery musks, roses and a whisper of softest vanilla.


A glowing, golden fragrance in which top notes of heady tuberose rest on a spicy heart of bourbon vanilla and brazilian orange, supported by a deep, warm, feminine base of musk, scented woods & balsams.