HOMES AND LONDON  Angela Flanders and Artillery No 5

Scents in The City

May 2015

“….the creative work of smaller perfume houses such as Angela Flanders, Papillon and Grossmiths are capturing the interest of true aficionados.”

MONOCLE  Columbia Road Perfumery

Intimate Trade

April 2015

” ‘It’s a schizophrenic street; blissful during the week and a party on Sundays when the flower market is open,’ says artisanal perfumer Angela Flanders, who is in her eighties and first welcomed guests to her intimate shop-cum-home in 1985.”


TATLER. Lavender & Chamomile Pillow Spray.

Beauty Flash! Slumber Treats

April 2014. 

“Clean and crisp and not at all synthetic smelling. It also spruces up stale linen a treat.”


STELLA Magazine – STELLA Loves………This week’s must do, see, buy.

By Sonia Juttla. 25th February 2014.

“The perfumer Angela Flanders has created Breath of Hope, a captivating blend of lily of the valley, galbanum, frankincense and myrrh……….”

Fragrantica – Breath of Hope Launch

By Suzy Nightingale. 1st February 2014.

“It was such a privilege to hear two artists discussing their work, describing their collaboration……It is quite humbling, though that may sound terribly affected of me, it’s incredibly moving.”


The Telegraph Online – Perfume & Poetry. The New Romantic Connection.

By Kate Finnigan. January 2013. 

Breath of Hope

“A new fragrance by the British perfumer Angela Flanders has been inspired by a perfume and is part of a wider trend linking scent with  literature.”

 How To Spend It Online – Mr Severs Candles at Xmas

December 18, 2013. Vicci Bentley.

“Once again it’s lighting up time, when nothing casts a glow like a seasonally scented candle. Exuding the very waremst wafts of good cheer, is the Mr Severs candle created Spitalfields perfumer, Angela Flanders on sale solely for the month of December. A nostalgic pomander blend of sweet orange, clove, cinnamon and ambery woods, it infuses the room with the spirit of Christmases past……..”

Fragrantica – Cult Perfumes Book Signing Event at Angela Flanders Perfumery.

11th October 2013.

“As Angela and Tessa sat together and began to talk, a hush fell over the room and the crowd pressed closer. Tessa began by introducing Angela and expressing her intense admiration for the Angela Flanders perfumes and, most of all, for Angela herself…….”

Bloomingdales Online – “British Invasion”, September 2013.

“Situated on Columbia Rd, this small bespoke perfumery is the perfect place to pick up a uniquely London gift.”

Stylist Online – “Classic Marine Scents”, January 2013.


“Awash with crisp, clean, outdoorsy notes, and infused with earthy vetiver and oakmoss, this fragrance really lingers.”

How To Spend It Online – “Blossom Bottled” by Vicci Bentley. May 2013.


“Despite its tender opening, Sakura is a curiously compulsive scent.”

 Harpers Bazaar Online  – Why Don’t You…..?. January, 2013. 

“….visit London’s best kept perfume secret, Angela Flanders in Columbia Rd, for handmade scent? We love her Figue Noire.”

 Heady Times by Vicci Bentley – The Financial Times How To Spend It