Winter Roses Sample Set


Winter Roses Sample Set


A seasonal selection of four warm winter roses fragrances.
COLUMBIA ROSE: a rich, velvety Rose lifted by a touch of Violet, deepened by Sandalwood and Amber, resting on a shadowy base of aged Patchouli.
OTTOMAN: a sensual, rich and dusky floral oriental with Roses and Violets layered over an elegant base of Sandalwood, Amber and Patchouli
PARISIENNE: stylish and elegant, like the legendary city itself. Romantic and warm, Parisienne speaks of assignations at dusk and walks by the Seine, trailing its sillage of powdery musks, roses and a whisper of softest vanilla.
MOROCCAN ROSE: a dramatic floral oriental, evoking all the sensuality of the Moroccan rose absolute at its heart. Complemented by rose geranium, ambrette seed and musk, supported by a rich, long lasting base of sandalwood, patchouli & balsam of tolu.
This seasonal sample set is an ideal way for you to test our fragrances directly on the skin, before investing in a full-size bottle. Samples contain Eau de Parfum, a stronger concentration of your favourite fragrance. For those who apply their perfume less frequently, but want greater longevity.
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